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  • OVERVIEW OF IRANIAN ENERGY SECTOR. The Role of Iran in the Global Energy System — New Breakthroughs and Future Perspectives.
      • Government strategies and plans for the Iranian oil & gas sector: energy strategy focused on increase of supplies, new and brownfield projects development. How will Iran implement it's strategy of energy sector development and secure the maximum share of demand in the global scenario? 
      • Planned changes to the fiscal and regulatory regime. How far will legislative amendments aid the advancement of Iran’s energy push? 
      • What are the opportunities in the region for cooperation on energy efficiency and modernisation priorities? 
      • Potential benefits of investing in exploration & production in Iran. Plans for further development.
      • Domestic demand vs. refining capacity.


      • Government policies for investments. What are the latest government proposals for changes in legislation to stimulate both Iranian and foreign investments into oil & gas sector? Building a more stable and predictable investment climate.
      • Economic framework and taxation. What are the latest Government plans for taxation of the oil and gas industry in the near future? (2017 — 2020). How to optimize the tax regime for the current and future development of the industry?
      • What is the attitude of international oil and gas companies towards the changes in the Iranian investment climate? What are the perspectives for continued foreign investment in the region?
      • Import and export regulations.
      • Petroleum contracts in Iran (IPC, PSA, SWAP).
      • Impact of low global oil prices on investments in Iranian energy sector.


  • INDUSTRY LEADERS' DEBATE. Effective Cooperation between Government and Business. How to Progress? 

Industry leaders from the key players involved in the Iranian oil and gas sector will debate over some of the burning issues of the day. What are the next steps for the industry in Iran? What are the stumbling blocks? What are the future opportunities?

      • What needs to be done to increase the involvement of both foreign and Iranian investors and foreign technological know-hows in the oil and gas industry in Iran? What changes are necessary in the regulatory framework to further develop the industry and economic potential of the region? How does current legislation affect both the quality and speed of geological research and project development?
      • What are the current bottlenecks and impediments to operating successfully in Iran? How can current bureaucracy be reduced — and in which specific areas?
      • How will Iranian projects be financed in the future?


  • POST SANCTION IRAN IN THE LOCAL, REGIONAL AND GLOBAL ENERGY MARKETS. Transformation of Global Energy Markets: The Economic & Political Context for Advancing Iranian Energy Sector.
      • Local market: what plans are currently being implemented?
      • Regional market: geopolitics and collaborations in the Middle East, Africa and Asia region. Expectations of the regional production levels — what is the potential for strategic partnership?
      • Global markets: energy strategy and future demand for oil and gas - actions to return international markets back. What shall be done?
      • Iran oil impact on global oil prices.


      • Overview of oil, gas & petrochemicals trading export market (crude oil, bitumen, LPG, LNG, petrochemicals products). Outlook of the main local players (exporters, producers and trading companies).
      • Formation of the sales prices.
      • Trade finance and banking regulations.
      • Insurance issues for international trading contracts.



An expert panel featuring top experts from market research agencies and analysts working in financial companies will present their view of the market’s structure, current dynamics, competitive landscape, and the sector’s further development projections.


  • IRAN AS A MAIN HUB FOR OIL & GAS TRANSIT ROUTE TO ASIA, MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA. The Latest Updates on Pipeline Projects, Shipping Requirements and Downstream Operations.
      • Analysis of potential sources for import to Iran or transit through Iran.
      • Main import, transit and trading hubs in Iran (Neka, Anzali, Nowshahr, Bandar-Abbas and etc). Transshipment and terminals storage capabilities.
      • Export and Import of oil and oil products by marine transport. Role and capabilities of the National Iranian Tanker Company.
      • Development of railway network: North-South project and etc.
      • Overview of existing pipeline infrastructure and prospects for further expansion.
      • Highway roads condition and construction. Local trucking capabilities.


      • Legislation, Regulation and Taxation — How Can These Be Improved to Further Stimulate Economic Development in Iran?
      • Technological Advances and Innovations for Oil & Gas Project Developments in Iran.
      • Transportation — Pipeline and Shipping Technologies.
      • National strategy: plans to increase production capacities in Iran.
      • Petrochemical market of Iran.




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